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If you have any further questions, please join the SourceForge mailing list and ask there or visit us on IRC. You won't get laughed off for any question, honest. :) The mailing list for KOS is cadcdev-kallistios. You can also get a notice when a new Git changeset is pushed by subscribing to the list cadcdev-svn-commits (yes, its still that list even though we're using Git now).

List info can be found here.

If you're looking for a quick answer to a question related to Dreamcast development, or you're just bored and feel like talking with some of us, you should join in the Dreamcast Development IRC channel. Sometimes its pretty lively in there, even now. Its not always active, and some times of the day there probably won't be anyone actually around, but its still a very good resource. You can find the channel at chat.freenode.net #dreamcastdev . If you don't have an IRC client (shame on you!), you can use the web-based one that freenode provides here. Just fill in a nickname, and you should be good to go.

There are many DC-related forums around the net where people meet up and chat about development using KOS. However, the definitive place to ask questions and interact with the developers is with the mailing list or IRC channel above. If you need a question answered, ask it there! That said, there are a couple of central places people go to talk about DC related development:

  • DCEmulation -- One of the primary (English-centric) sites about DC Homebrew and Emulation that still exists. Despite the name, its not all about emulation, and most of the active developers and users still frequent it.
  • Cryptic Allusion -- The company formed by the original author of KOS (Dan Potter) and a couple of others. This is focused more on the games CA has created, but there's also an indie game developers' forum that may be useful.

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