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SH4 exception codes


 Reset type
 Re-Execution type
 Completion type
 Interrupt (completion type)


#define EXC_DOUBLE_FAULT   0x0ff0
 Double fault.
#define EXC_UNHANDLED_EXC   0x0fe0
 Unhandled exception.

Detailed Description

These are all of the exceptions that can be raised on the SH4, and their codes. They're divided into several logical groups.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EXC_DOUBLE_FAULT   0x0ff0

Double fault.

This exception is completely done in software (not represented on the CPU at all). Its used for when an exception occurs during an IRQ service routine.

#define EXC_UNHANDLED_EXC   0x0fe0

Unhandled exception.

This exception is a software-generated exception for a generic unhandled exception.