KallistiOS  2.0.0
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||\*inet.hDefinitions for internet operations
||o*blockdev.hDefinitions for a simple block device interface
||o*cdefs.hPotentially useful definitions for C Programs
||o*cond.hCondition variables
||o*dbgio.hDebug I/O
||o*dbglog.hA debugging log
||o*elf.hELF binary loading support
||o*exports.hKernel exported symbols support
||o*fs.hVirtual filesystem support
||o*fs_pty.hPseudo-terminal virtual file system
||o*fs_ramdisk.hRAM-based virtual file system
||o*fs_romdisk.hROMFS virtual file system
||o*fs_socket.hDefinitions for a sockets "filesystem"
||o*genwait.hGeneric wait system
||o*iovec.hScatter/Gather arrays
||o*library.hDynamically loadable library support
||o*mutex.hMutual exclusion locks
||o*net.hNetwork support
||o*nmmgr.hName manager
||o*once.hDynamic package initialization
||o*recursive_lock.hDefinitions for a recursive mutex
||o*rwsem.hDefinition for a reader/writer semaphore
||o*string.hVariants on standard block memory copy/set functions
||o*thread.hThreading support
||\*tls.hThread-local storage support
||\*in.hDefinitions for the Internet address family
||o*_pthread.hBasic sys/_pthread.h file for newlib
||o*_types.hInternal typedefs
||o*dirent.hStandard POSIX dirent functionality
||o*sched.hBasic sys/sched.h file for newlib
||o*select.hDefinitions for the select() function
||o*socket.hMain sockets header
||\*stdio.hBasic sys/stdio.h file from newlib
|o*assert.hStandard C Assertions
|o*kos.hInclude everything KOS has to offer!
|o*malloc.hStandard C Malloc functionality
|o*poll.hDefinitions for the poll() function
|\*pthread.hPOSIX-compatibile (sorta) threading support
    |o*arch.hDreamcast architecture specific options
    |o*cache.hCache management functionality
    |o*exec.hProgram execution
    |o*gdb.hGNU Debugger support
    |o*irq.hInterrupt and exception handling
    |o*mmu.hMemory Management Unit and Translation Lookaside Buffer handling
    |o*rtc.hLow-level real time clock functionality
    |o*spinlock.hSimple locking
    |o*stack.hStack traces
    |o*timer.hLow-level timer functionality
    |\*types.hCommon integer types
    |o*asic.hDreamcast ASIC event handling support
    |o*biosfont.hBIOS font drawing functions
    |o*cdrom.hCD access to the GD-ROM drive
    |o*fb_console.hA simple dbgio interface to draw to the framebuffer
    |o*flashrom.hDreamcast flashrom read/write support
    |o*fmath.hInline functions for the DC's special math instructions
    |o*fs_dclnative.hImplementation of dcload-ip over KOS network drivers
    |o*fs_dcload.hImplementation of dcload "filesystem"
    |o*fs_dclsocket.hImplementation of dcload-ip over KOS sockets
    |o*fs_iso9660.hISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystem driver
    |o*fs_vmu.hVMU filesystem driver
    |o*g2bus.hG2 bus memory interface
    |o*maple.hMaple Bus driver interface
    |o*matrix.hBasic matrix operations
    |o*matrix3d.h3D matrix operations
    |o*pvr.hLow-level PVR (3D hardware) interface
    |o*scif.hSerial port functionality
    |o*sd.hBlock-level access to an SD card attached to the SCIF port
    |o*spu.hFunctions related to sound
    |o*sq.hFunctions to access the SH4 Store Queues
    |o*ubc.hUser-break controller support
    |o*vblank.hVBlank handler registration
    |o*video.hFunctions related to video output
    |o*vmu_pkg.hVMU Packaging functionality
    |\*vmufs.hLow-level VMU filesystem driver
     o*flash.hBIOS replacement flashrom support
     \*ide.hExternal G2 Bus-based IDE support