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fs_iso9660.h File Reference

ISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystem driver. More...

#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <arch/types.h>
#include <kos/limits.h>
#include <kos/fs.h>

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#define MAX_ISO_FILES   8
 The maximum number of files that can be open at once.


int iso_reset ()
 Reset the internal ISO9660 cache.

Detailed Description

ISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystem driver.

This driver implements support for reading files from a CD-ROM or CD-R in the Dreamcast's disc drive. This filesystem mounts itself on /cd.

This driver supports Rock Ridge, thanks to Andrew Kieschnick. The driver also supports the Joliet extensions thanks to Bero.

The implementation was originally based on a simple ISO9660 implementation by Marcus Comstedt.

Dan Potter
Andrew Kieschnick

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MAX_ISO_FILES   8

The maximum number of files that can be open at once.

Function Documentation

int iso_reset ( )

Reset the internal ISO9660 cache.

This function resets the cache of the ISO9660 driver, breaking connections to all files. This generally assumes that a new disc has been or will be inserted.

Return values:
0On success.