KallistiOS  2.0.0
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dc Directory Reference


directory  maple
directory  modem
directory  net
directory  sound


file  asic.h [code]
 Dreamcast ASIC event handling support.
file  biosfont.h [code]
 BIOS font drawing functions.
file  cdrom.h [code]
 CD access to the GD-ROM drive.
file  fb_console.h [code]
 A simple dbgio interface to draw to the framebuffer.
file  flashrom.h [code]
 Dreamcast flashrom read/write support.
file  fmath.h [code]
 Inline functions for the DC's special math instructions.
file  fs_dclnative.h [code]
 Implementation of dcload-ip over KOS network drivers.
file  fs_dcload.h [code]
 Implementation of dcload "filesystem".
file  fs_dclsocket.h [code]
 Implementation of dcload-ip over KOS sockets.
file  fs_iso9660.h [code]
 ISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystem driver.
file  fs_vmu.h [code]
 VMU filesystem driver.
file  g2bus.h [code]
 G2 bus memory interface.
file  maple.h [code]
 Maple Bus driver interface.
file  matrix.h [code]
 Basic matrix operations.
file  matrix3d.h [code]
 3D matrix operations.
file  pvr.h [code]
 Low-level PVR (3D hardware) interface.
file  scif.h [code]
 Serial port functionality.
file  sd.h [code]
 Block-level access to an SD card attached to the SCIF port.
file  spu.h [code]
 Functions related to sound.
file  sq.h [code]
 Functions to access the SH4 Store Queues.
file  ubc.h [code]
 User-break controller support.
file  vblank.h [code]
 VBlank handler registration.
file  video.h [code]
 Functions related to video output.
file  vmu_pkg.h [code]
 VMU Packaging functionality.
file  vmufs.h [code]
 Low-level VMU filesystem driver.