KallistiOS  2.0.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oC_mbstate_tConversion state information
oCCDROM_TOCTOC structure returned by the BIOS
oCcondvarCondition variable
oCcont_state_tController status structure
oCdbgio_handlerDebug I/O Interface
oCDIRDIR structure in KOS
oCdirentThe POSIX dirent which describes a directory entry
oCdreameye_stateDreameye status structure
oCelf_hdr_tELF file header
oCelf_progKernel-specific definition of a loaded ELF binary
oCelf_rel_tELF Relocation entry (without explicit addend)
oCelf_rela_tELF Relocation entry (with explicit addend)
oCelf_shdr_tELF Section header
oCelf_sym_tSymbol table entry
oCexport_symA single export symbol
oCflashrom_ispcfgISP configuration structure
oCflashrom_syscfgSystem configuration structure
oCfs_socket_protoInternal sockets protocol handler
oCin6_addrStructure used to store an IPv6 address
oCin_addrStructure used to store an IPv4 address
oCiovecScatter/Gather array
oCip_hdr_sIPv4 Packet header
oCipv6_hdr_sIPv6 Packet header
oCirq_contextArchitecture-specific structure for holding the processor state
oCkbd_cond_tKeyboard raw condition structure
oCkbd_keymapKeyboard keymap
oCkbd_stateKeyboard status structure
oCklibraryLoaded library structure
oCknetifStructure describing one usable network device
oCkos_blockdevA simple block device
oCkos_direntDirectory entry
oCkos_mutexMutual exclusion lock type
oCkthreadStructure describing one running thread
oCkthread_once_tObject type backing kthread_once
oCkthread_tls_kvThread-local storage key-value pair
oCmallinfoANSI C functions
oCmaple_deviceOne maple device
oCmaple_devinfoMaple device info structure
oCmaple_driverA maple device driver
oCmaple_frameMaple frame to be queued for transport
oCmaple_portInternal representation of a Maple port
oCmaple_responseMaple response frame structure
oCmaple_state_strMaple state structure
oCmmucontextMMU context type
oCmmupageMMU TLB entry for a single page
oCmmusubcontextMMU sub-context type
oCmouse_state_tMouse status structure
oCnet_ipv4_statsIPv4 statistics structure
oCnet_ipv6_statsIPv6 statistics structure
oCnet_socketInternal representation of a socket for fs_socket
oCnet_udp_statsUDP statistics structure
oCnmmgr_handlerName handler interface
oCpollfdStructure representing a single file descriptor used by poll()
oCpthread_attr_tPOSIX thread attributes
oCpthread_condattr_tPOSIX condition variable attributes
oCpthread_mutexattr_tPOSIX mutex attributes
oCpurupuru_effectEffect generation structure
oCpvr_init_params_tPVR initialization structure
oCpvr_mod_hdr_tModifier volume header
oCpvr_modifier_vol_tPVR vertex type: Modifier volume
oCpvr_poly_cxt_tPVR polygon context
oCpvr_poly_hdr_tPVR polygon header
oCpvr_poly_ic_hdr_tPVR polygon header with intensity color
oCpvr_poly_mod_hdr_tPVR polygon header to be used with modifier volumes
oCpvr_sprite_col_tPVR vertex type: Untextured sprite
oCpvr_sprite_cxt_tPVR sprite context
oCpvr_sprite_hdr_tPVR polygon header specifically for sprites
oCpvr_sprite_txr_tPVR vertex type: Textured sprite
oCpvr_statsPVR statistics structure
oCpvr_vertex_pcm_tPVR vertex type: Non-textured, packed color, affected by modifier volume
oCpvr_vertex_tGeneric PVR vertex type
oCpvr_vertex_tpcm_tPVR vertex type: Textured, packed color, affected by modifer volume
oCrw_semaphoreReader/writer semaphore structure
oCsched_paramScheduling Parameters, P1003.1b-1993, p. 249
oCsemaphoreSemaphore type
oCsip_stateSIP status structure
oCsockaddrSocket address structure
oCsockaddr_inStructure used to store an IPv4 address for a socket
oCsockaddr_in6Structure used to store an IPv6 address for a socket
oCsockaddr_storageSocket address structure of appropriate size to hold any supported socket type's addresses
oCstat_tFile status information
oCsymtab_handlerA symbol table "handler" for nmmgr
oCvfs_handlerVFS handler interface
oCvid_modeVideo mode structure
oCvmu_dir_tVMU FS Directory entries, 32 bytes each
oCvmu_hdrFinal VMU package type
oCvmu_pkgVMU Package type
oCvmu_root_tVMU FS Root block layout
\Cvmu_timestamp_tBCD timestamp, used several places in the vmufs