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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
nmmgr_handler Struct Reference

Name handler interface. More...

#include <kos/nmmgr.h>

Public Member Functions

 LIST_ENTRY (nmmgr_handler) list_ent

Data Fields

char pathname [MAX_FN_LEN]
int pid
uint32 version
uint32 flags
uint32 type

Detailed Description

Name handler interface.

Every name handler must begin its information structures with this header. If the handler conforms to some well-defined interface (such as a VFS), then the struct must more specifically be of that type.

Member Function Documentation

nmmgr_handler::LIST_ENTRY ( nmmgr_handler  )

Field Documentation

uint32 nmmgr_handler::flags
char nmmgr_handler::pathname[MAX_FN_LEN]
int nmmgr_handler::pid
uint32 nmmgr_handler::type
uint32 nmmgr_handler::version

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